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Address Le Bois D'Imbert Route de Lacave - Lieu dit Le Bois d'Imbert 46500 Rocamadour - FRANCE Phone +33 (0)5 81 31 40 40 E-mail reception@lbdi-hotel.com


The notoriety of Rocamadour is due to its pelerinage and history which it goes back to a millenium and the first hermit living under the rock. In 1166 is discovered a perfect preserved body called Saint-Amadour. This place is now elevated to the Sanctuary. From its origin, this place is dedicated to Marian devotion, where we can contemplate the Vierge Noire statue datting from XII century.

To visit:
1. Le grand escalier - 216 Step
2. La Basilique Saint-Sauveur
3. La Crypte Saint-Amadour
4. La Chapelle Notre-Dame - Vierge Noire
5. Les Chapelles Sainte-Anne, Saint-Blaise, Saint-Jean-Baptiste
6. Le Palais abbatiale
7. La Chapelle Saint-Michel
8. La Chapelle Saint-Louis
9. La Maison de Marie - Presbytère
10. Le Château
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